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The Elite
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The Elite

Date Created: January, 2000


Guild Leader(s): Marstar, Stavros, Fahran, and Ruphio.

Recruiting Status: Nominally open. Trialing high calibre applicants only.

Guild status: ~100 members

1) What is the history of your guild?

The Elite is a PvP guild, originally formed in the lead-up to the release of the Ultima Online shard: Oceania back in the year 2000. We are predominantly Australian and Asia Pacific players but have members from all corners of the globe. The guild has officially played UO, Shadowbane (Asia), WoW, Age of Conan (for all of a month), WAR and SWTOR- though along the way we've had significant gatherings of guild members in Eve Online and Darkfall.

In UO we were the leading PvP force on Oceania along with our allies .ONE. Competing against other great guilds like D!E, TDM and the W^C alliance.

In Shadowbane we separated from .ONE. for the sake of competition and completely conquered the Thurin server wiping all opposition from the map, aswell as representing Entranz in the only Shadowbane Tournament Winning Second Place at the finals in Korea vs Korea’s ‘The Red Devils’.

In WoW we played on the famous Blackrock Server, and were the only Australian Guild to make the honourable mention list for Best PvP Guilds on BG9 while on the PvE front, server first for Ragnaros and Horde first for most bosses prior to TBC when the guild stopped playing WoW officially.

In WAR BETA one of our U.S. members Zarbix was so dominant on his Bright Wizard Mythic produced a T-shirt in his honour with the famous quote “ ... In Realm vs Realm combat I HAVE NO EQUAL... except for that Zarbix guy who kills me all the time. ...”. On release we went on to dominate the Oceanic PvP server of Anlec along with our allies.

2) Is there a required amount of playtime for members of the guild? Is it mainly hardcore or casual?

Originally a hardcore guild, thanks to our long history we now have a very interesting mix of players ranging from those who are still hardcore to those who had lifestyle changes and got jobs/kids etc. Even though we have casual historical members, we typically do not recruit casual players. We retain a largely hardcore mindset, but recognize the realities of real life responsibility and do not set specific time quotas for members.

3) What is your guild's play style in GW2?

WvWvW. While many members are keen on participating in structured PvP, our guild goal is to dominate the Mists. It’s not about being able to zerg, it’s that refreshing experience where your five-man group isn’t constantly going to match up against the same five people in the same scenario all night long, but instead the unknown encounter waiting to happen as you enter an area you strategically target for the benefit of your World.

4) What are the goals of the guild?

To fight and win. We aim to rally our outnumbered forces on a low population server to hold back the Zerg Worlds and Alliances.

5) Does the guild have allies?

Yes, Titan Alliance

7) How is the guild rank structure set up?

Our Inner Council structure has served us well ever since the founding GM retired many years ago. As we move from game to game the Inner Council decides who will be the GM in any particular game. For GW2 we are opting to go with four Leaders rather than the traditional, singular GM.

Historically a large body of veteran players provides group level leadership. Then there are the general members, and finally at the entry level are Prospects who are on a trial basis.

8) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?

Recruitment is open, however we are accepting applications from high quality candidates only, most new recruits are be invited to the guild based on in-game performance (across any game we play). We have never spammed forums and/or ingame chat for members. We have an eye for talent, and if you are approached it’s because we think you have potential.

For those who have what it takes in words alone feel free to impress us @

We’ve been around for over 10 years and we know the reputation of your previous guilds and/or top quality players who you played alongside and will vouch for you.

However the most important thing we look for in new members isn’t how ‘pro’, ‘l33t’ or skilled you are. Talent only gets you so far. Our strength is in our community, and the attitude of our team players. It’s about enjoying who you play with to get the win, not enjoying the win no matter who you play with.

9) Do I have to play a certain class once I'm accepted?

Given that we are only likely to recruit players with developed characters, obviously there would be an expectation of continuing to play that character or characters. So predominantly our interest is in the quality of a player's skill and attitude.

10) Additional note:

The Elite (-E- or just E for short) is a very team oriented guild. Understanding the guild ethos of putting the group before the individual is an important part of fitting in. We like to compete, we like to win. You won't see us coming to a battle which was already guaranteed victory before our arrival. If there's a good fight to be had that’s where we’ll be heading.