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ArcheAge Early Access

Camelot Unchained News:

Bot testing - Marc, Rob, and Colin have been hard at work refactoring our bot code, as we haven’t been paying any attention to it for many, many months. We started internal testing with around 100 bots running around an island. They weren’t wearing any armor, and their movement was quite jittery. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten our numbers back to where they should be, made bot movement look more natural, and given them some clothes to wear. This week, we’ve had upwards of 1400 unique bots running around in the world. And these bots aren’t fake NPCs, or any such nonsense! Each bot is a “headless client” (running off remote AWS instances), that puts more stress on our system than a player (well, more than most players, there is always one or more special flowers) does, and they now run around with class-recommended armor. It’s more than a little impressive (can you think of a game that can handle that many players in front of you?), and a testament to all the hard work up to this point. For those Backers who want to see some interesting numbers, head over to the Forums to see a thread where I talk about performance and quote the numbers from my perfHud, when I was “diving into the Bot Mosh Pit” over the last few days. A special shout out to the team for making this possible. The best part here is that we’ve barely begun to optimize.


So, not bad, right? Two Thousand Backers and Bots in a tiny area and I could run around. Now, we are not all the way there yet—we still have to add abilities firing off—but that’s coming soon. And while that will impact the FPS, we have a lot of room for optimizations on both the client and server side. And, even more importantly, it means that battles in the low hundreds (say 300), would be easily handled by the network layer, and we can always optimize the client by culling effects from distant fights. Therefore, if you thought we couldn’t pull off our claim of large-scale battles, we are rapidly approaching the point where you will see just how our engine can handle the kind of game that so many of us have been waiting decades for. And BTW, the card I was running it on was a GTX970, a two-year-old card. A powerful one, of course, but still a two-year-old card while playing an Alpha game. It’s not time to get on the hype train yet, but as I said a few updates ago, the light from the tunnel gets ever brighter and closer. And if you have any doubt about how special what we are building here is, ask yourself how many other MMORPGs can handle even 300 people in a small area.

More Screenshots:




Note: Differences in numbers advertised (ranging from 1400-2000) are based of different reports for different sessions as they optimised and improved gameplay, that I've cut and pasted into this report.


PirateKitten OMG cant wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've been lucky enough to pick up a bunch of old friends from the Titan Alliance days (TRF Represent!) into our WoW squad for the foreseeable future. Welcome aboard to SKYeXile, Alcifer etc!

We are also trying out using discord over TS/Vent


First Guild Legendary!

Jangbi posted Oct 3, 16

...and it goes to a friend of Jangers who joined less than a week ago. At least it's good for a holy pally!