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ArcheAge Early Access

ArcheAge - Auroria Today

Artkil a posted Nov 5, 14
Well we were on a mission to stop red zerg getting back to the mines and reinforcing their forces.. 100's were stopped by this small team..

So this happened!!! LOL Is that a farm cart blockade??

We are sorry to report that lots of Animals were hurt during this blockade!! I also offered a 50g reward to anyone that can show proof of a carrot dash kill.. LOL 

Thanks to The 5 PRX scout members who joined Elite for the day!! 
Artkil a Well they did wipe us when they sent for reinforcements to save the reinforcements LOL #missionaccomplished
LSD The day that 16 Elite killed at least 200-300 reds and god knows how many mounts! We did not suffer a single fatality on ...
Marstar Hence we will not say that The Elite fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like The Elite.

Please go to member forums to see details
Gethin Now we're cooking with gas!

ArcheAge GO LIVE!!

Artkil a posted Aug 31, 14

Trion and XLGAMES are proud to officially announce that ArcheAge will launch on Tuesday, September 16! 

As a Founder, your road to launch starts with Open Beta, which runs 10am PDT Thursday, Sep. 4 through 10am PDT Monday, Sep. 8. 

Then your 4-day Head Start on LIVE servers begins at 10am PDT Friday, Sep. 12! 

Galatia well.... only had to wait like 6 hours to log in...
Mantar Count me in at live casual .. rolled an arcanist on kyrios beta atm game looks good.
Nomak Woot, got the week off for headstart, BRING IT ON!