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TESO Early Access

DayZ Alpha

Artkil a posted Dec 17, 13

DayZ Standalone Alpha started today....

You can get alpha access by buying the game on Steam...

Artkil a Yea yesterday patches fixed quite a bit haven't lost a char after patch so far. fingers crossed.. got my first gank tod ...
Typh buggy as hell, but there's alot of potential and still fun to play imo
Artkil a I am very disappointed by the alpha.. in their forums way too many fanbois going it's great.. and its an alpha.. but to ...

Battlefield 4 - Launch

Fahran a posted Oct 28, 13

Update: China Rising DLC - Released

Battlefield 4 launches in just over two days (see website countdown timer), everyone who pre-ordered the game via Origin can begin their pre-loads tonight, the full client requires 24 GB of free disk space.

>> The Elite will be joining DiE for Teamplay / Vs, more details to come soon ...

Battlefield 4 Release Schedule:
BF4 launches on October 31 in Australia, New Zealand and the European Union.
Origin Preload: October 28, 2013 21:00 (9PM EST (+10GMT)) [Active Now]
Origin Launch: October 31, 2013 00:00 (12AM EST (+10GMT))

>> View the Elite Battlefield 4 thread [Here]
>> Active BF4 roster/ Website game roster [Here]

Current Roster:

Given Battlefield 4 isn't launching with Platoon support (Added via Patch in December) it is highly recommended that all -E- Members add their Origin tags to the Active roster on the following link for ease of communication;

>> To signup and view Origin tags click [Here]

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Artkil a posted Oct 11, 13

This is one game that I saw at PAX that I really wanted.. It's looks so awesome.. Another Origin game.. So Ruphio won't be joining.. haha

Silly Fuka yea this does look good..
Nomak Origin, destroyer of Ruphio's dreams.
Whizkid lmao that rage....
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