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TESO Early Access

Following the breakdown of alliance talks early in the release of TESO, an emergency meeting was held between some of the top NA and Oceania guilds to forge a new alliance built on maturity, skill and dedication.

Early into the discussions, Clementine from clan PRX was removed from TS for personally threatening the safety of Piratess, current GM of renowned PvP powerhouse and drama-free guild Shadows of Apophis. Shortly thereafter, Gersimar from RMA was also removed for spamming videos of scantily clad Brazilian women and proclaiming himself "Emperor HueHue". Longstanding allies SYN did not turn up due to Ritsuko sleeping in while DiE's leader Moon was attacked last night outside his local pub and remains missing. Our newest would-be ally KnT accidently logged into GW2 and haven't been heard from since.

Marvin Did Gersimar at least finally got access to Clem's facebook page?
Prawnstar had me fooled until pictured finally loaded and saw ZK..
Ruphio a Mankinis Sub, Mankinis!

News has been quiet for a while as most of us are split between real-world commitments and random games as we wait for something good to play as a group. That time is almost upon us with the impending release of the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls Online.

With an intricate RvR system reminiscent of Dark Age of Camelot, we're looking forward to joining some of our old friends on the Aldmeri Dominion faction for the first time since Guild Wars 2.

Just over 10 days remaining!!

Titanfall - 13 March 2014!!

Artkil a posted Jan 25, 14
Is everyone ready? And is anyone crazy enough to buy the CE??

Dasati I just can't get over the 6vs6. Total turn off.
Kaligar Supposedly going to be a beta in Feb. Shame about the 6vs6 max though.
Ruphio a True. True.
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