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ArcheAge Early Access

We've been lucky enough to pick up a bunch of old friends from the Titan Alliance days (TRF Represent!) into our WoW squad for the foreseeable future. Welcome aboard to SKYeXile, Alcifer etc!

We are also trying out using discord over TS/Vent

First Guild Legendary!

Jangbi posted Oct 3, 16

...and it goes to a friend of Jangers who joined less than a week ago. At least it's good for a holy pally!

We're currently fielding a roster of around 10 people on the Frostmourne server under the guild name <Elite Blackrock>. So far the expansion has proven a good time sink and we're slowly gearing up for raiding and PvP. As of now our roster looks like this:

1. Nomak
2. Jangers
3. Snatchy
4. Koi
5. Surge
6. Dokura
7. LSD/Yarrick
8. Zephy/Enigmatic
9. Subnut
10. Milrinone

Jangbi Sorry Zeph for some reason I keep thinking Enigmatic is Zic not you =P Would be great if your cousin wants to play with ...
Subnut Why is Nomak #1?
Zephyr Listed me twice bruh. Zeph/enigmatic. Also mine and surges cousin is considering raiding with us casually as ele/resto s...