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ArcheAge Early Access

The long wait is (almost) over - today, we would like to let you know when your Closed Beta mission to Albion can finally begin.

Albion Online Goes Closed Beta on 23rd November 2015

Be prepared to roam the lands of Albion once again in only a few weeks time! To get you even more hyped, the following new features will await you:

  • Hire personal Labourers to help you with your adventures
  • Experience our updated combat system with cool skill shots
  • Acquire your piece of Albion in our new land auctions
  • Enchant your weapons in shrines & secure treasure chest
  • Live like a king with the all-new upgradeable islands
  • Be the first to test the perks of a Premium Account

Plus a whole lot of other things Albion will have in store for you from 23rd November.

If you don't have an account click here !!!

We should have a few more people from The Elite in this Alpha.  See everyone there... for those of you who don't have an account yet.

Really good info from 1:21 onwards in Video

Taz What is our TS server guys?
Taz Please add me to the Guild? How many of us are committed to this? (ingame name is Taz)
Nomak How many people will we have on server up?

Das Tal 24 Hour Alpha

Jangbi posted Jun 6, 15

For anyone who has missed it, Das Tal is planning to run a 24 hour alpha event starting at 1pm UTC on July 9th.

I'm hoping everyone who can will give this a shot as it looks like it could be worth checking out, especially to compare to the (very) similar Albion Online.